Frequently Asked Questions

When Your Team Will Respond?

Thanks for asking. We will reply you as soon as possible 24 hours for 7 days. It may take only few minutes like 10 to reply your messages.

What Happens if You Guys Commit Fraud After Taking My Money?

Thanks for asking this Important question. If you please check out our packages we offer our services using a reputed freelancing marketplace. In freelancing marketplace your money is always safe!

How Quickly youe Team Can Do the Work?

We can do the work extremely quickly if you need. It's a team work and our efficient team is always ready to work for you!

Is the Work Real and Safe?

Yes, 100% Legit. We don't do anything illegal, it's all about teamwork from a group of real people using promotional activities.

How Your Company Count Votes if I have multiple Companies Woring at a Time?

It's an appropriate question. Yes, still we can count and track of our own votes and we are used to it! We are really honest and focus on long-term relationships rather than cheating to our honorable clients. Let's  have a try please!

Will You Guys Provide Proof of voting?

Yes, sure! We will send you multiple screenshots for the start and finish points of voting.

What types of IP Addresses Will be Used for the Votes?

You will always  get the votes from different peoples using different devices that means different IPS.

Is There any Chances to disqualify?

Thanks for asking this important question. We can confirm that using our service you will never be disqualified from the specific contest.

Can I buy votes for politics?

No, Sorry. We never advertise to deliver votes for election or political related issues. We only can deliver online contest votes and not involved with any Politics or Election.

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